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We hereby wish to take the opportunity to introduce Afriline Civils (Pty) Ltd, to your organisation.

After the inception of Afriline Civils in 2008, Afriline Civils quickly rose to be one of the most respected Civil Engineering Contractors.

Afriline ensures that your project is constructed in the most economical and technologically advanced manner. With a strong emphasis on safety, and our commitment to the highest levels of quality, has arrived from our specialised knowledge and precise understanding of project requirements. Our staff has also been taught and committed themselves to supply a supreme level of service.

The Management and staff of the company consider the quality of their installations, and service supplied, to be the decisive factor in the continuing success of the company.

The primary aim for the achievement of quality is to ensure that the formal Quality System continues to comply with the requirements of SABS ISO 9002.

The company is hereby committed to quality which means that every individual will perform their assigned tasks in conformance with the requirements of the Quality System.

Afriline has, and maintained, a very high standard of safety on its projects.  The industry’s growing knowledge of the importance of safety is reflected in the increased awareness of this issue.  The company has a fanatical focus on maintaining the highest possible safety standards on all sites.

Afriline have what it takes.  Our strength lies in our experience, the quality of our people, and our systems. Afriline clients, small and big, have entrusted us with projects which have been successfully completed on time and within budget.  Our on-going relationships bear testimony to the strength of our capabilities.

Development Projects include:

  • Mining Industry related projects
  • Telecommunication civil infrastructure
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Civil Concrete Structures

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